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A cart loaded with heads trudges up and down fifty feet of a wood and steel track.

The heads are made of walnut and glass. They roll on the cart with their mouths stretched open in anticipation of water droplets falling from glass dripper vials. Instead of wheels, a peg leg lifts one end of the cart jolting it forward to one end of the track and then back again.

As the cart moves down the track, SLAMING repeatedly, smashing the heads into each other. Often the leg that pulls the cart encounters the water on the track and slips causing the cart to lurch in one place until it gradually digs in for enough traction

Size: 50 ft. long, 20-in. wide, 12-ft. tall (including plumbing) vials hang from 7 ft. above.

Materials: Wood, glass, steel, brass, electronics, motor, and plumbing