Museum Mounts and Brackets
Brackets and other devices I have designed and fabricated for art installations.
Welded steel sub structure for a pedestal that holds a large stone piece. The mount is bolted down with a custom fastener.
Design proposal for a temprorary external speaker mount that safely clamps to a concrete building.
Proposed design updates with mounted position shown.
Speaker mount as installed.
Proposed desgin for mounting a speaker on a window ledge in the Pulitzer Foundation watercourt.
Watercourt speaker mount as installed. There are four of these, each with a different geometry based on the window ledge and the base angle.
This speaker mount was a challenge to get approved because it mounts a heavy speaker 12 feet overhead. Special care was taken to develop a clamp mount that would not damage the aluminum channel or 12 foot tall glass panels. Freeze/bake and shock load testing was done to insure the mount could not dislodge or weaken over time.
A rendered proposal image of a speaker mount for the Pulitzer.
Clamp mount installed, the mount gets painted.
Detail of the clamp mount showing the silicone pad, stainless clamp plate, set screws and locktite.